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product engineer and artist

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My Story

My name is Antonín and I am freelance product engineer from Czech Republic.

Materialise company
I spent 4 wonderful years working for one of the world leaders in additive manufacturing.

I started my career after mechanical engineering school in Materialise company. I had begun my career there as a quality control worker. This work gave me better sight on technologies and quality itself. I was always curious how technologies works and where are their limits.

After 2 years I was promoted to be a feasibility engineer for vacuum casting and CNC programmer for in-house production and post processing of parts. That position has giant impact on my way of thinking and it also gave me huge learning in mould design, vacuum casting feasibility, chemistry, finishing degrees of parts and many many more skills for smooth and fast manufacturing.

Prusa Research 
Year after I started my career in Materialise I went to Josef Prusa for job interview. I really wanted to be a 3D printer developer. I was totally new to 3D printing and he asked me technical questions and tried to check my skills. I haven't had a clue of what he is asking about and interview was just a big fail from my side. I was really sad about it, but then Josef gave me giant discount for my first 3D printer and said:

"You are young and you have no experience but I believe, that if you work hard and learn, you can do big things one day."

This gesture was starter. It started a passion inside me, the passion to catch my dreams. I ordered my first 3D printer build-kit and I started to learn and create.

Nosek Design

I builded up my first 3D printer and started to learn in larder room of my apartment. The printer was surrounded with jam jars and my neighbors were really upset about noise of over-night prints. After few weeks I came out with my first very-own design. The lamp shade. 

I realized then, that if people at home have 3D printers, they don't know what to print after a while. And that was a moment, when I started to create house-hold decorations and vases.

And then everything has changed.

Fillamentum - Laila
I was chilling with my phone and then I get notification from instagram. There was message from Fillamentum.

"Hey, My name is Laila and I am CMO of the Fillamentum company. I really like your work and I have offer for you. We will give you a spool and you will print us your designs as a collab. What do you think?"

It has changed everything and after first project I started to work together with Fillamentum and I also met my best friend Laila. We did together one of the most successful collection on Thingiverse and we are unbreakable friends and working partners.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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